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Sardinia, the mediterranean pearl, just South of Corsica

Traveler route - Sardinia and Corsica. Photos from my successful set _Traveler's route_. T

Language spoken: Italian

1.58 million inhabitants 
Area 24,000 km2

Capital: Cagliari
Highest point: Gennargentu (1,834 m)
Most populated cities:

Cagliari                                   155,000
Sassari                                 128,000
Quartu Sant'Elena                  71,000
Olbia                                         59,000
Alghero                                    44,000

La Gallura - Costa Smeralda
a unique lifestyle

Located in the North-East of Sardinia, Gallura is governed by strict laws for the preservation of nature and the coasts.
With 450 km of protected coastline and 20 islands, Gallura - Costa Smeralda stretches from the bustling city of Olbia (and its international airport) to Porto Rotondo, Porto Rafael, Porto Cervo, Palau and San Teresa di Gallura on the coasts and Aglientu inland.  Natural paradise where well-being becomes an art of living.  

Olbia, an active city with all modern facilities

Nearly 60,000 inhabitants, the city of Olbia was created between the 4th and 6th centuries.
BC, his name means “rich”, “happy”
Olbia is a coastal town in northeastern Sardinia, Italy. It is famous for its medieval Basilica of San Simplicio and for its cafés located in central squares such as Piazza Matteotti.
Its airport makes it easily accessible.
Its industrial activity is based on the food industry and fishing, including numerous mussel farms.  The entire region is full of natural and archaeological sites

Basilica di San Simplicio Church in Old
Olbia by Night, statue, lamp post and drunk

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia

Capital of Sardinia, Cagliari has always been a major port at the heart of Mediterranean trade.
Thanks to its long and eventful history, this beautiful Italian city has an impressive architectural and cultural heritage.
Its medieval Old Town in particular has made it famous: it is the famous Il Castello district, known for its picturesque streets, its lively local life and its beautiful little churches.

Cagliari has over 150,000 inhabitants and is at the center of a metropolitan area of 430,000 inhabitants.

Cityscape with marina in the Mediterrani
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