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Our services : support from at each step
as well as post-acquisition 
for a “worry-free” purchase

How does our support work?

Our fees only apply if your buying offer is accepted

FIRST contact

Inform you, analyze your needs

 thanks to a personalized appointment

Your STAY in

We visit with you the properties selected for you and with you

procedure for purchasing your property

Follow the property acquisition

procedure with you from A to Z to

guarantee a 100% secure transaction


You are owner!

We are by your side until upon

the delivery of the keys

Avocat qui lit

On request, possibility to order a due diligence through an International Bilingual English/Italian Law Firm

Calcul des statistiques

Loan Broker

Only if you already have a significant personal contribution, possibility to complement via an Italian loan broker


What are the acquisition COSTS in Sardinia ? 


From 2,750 euros incl. VAT
(for a property worth 100,000 euros)
up to 7,500 euros including VAT
(for a property worth 1,000,000 euros)

Indicative prices which vary depending on the choice of the notary and the geographical area concerned;

Italian VAT = 22%


Old property

9% * 126 * catastale rendita

3% to 4% of the acquisition price
New property (VAT): 


Generally 4% excluding VAT of the sale price, i.e.

4.88% incl. VAT

In Italy, it is the real estate agent who is responsible for the transaction for a period of 10 years

Italian VAT = 22%


Old property

from 8% to 11% VAT
New property
from 14% to 17% VAT


* Indicative data for a second residence not considered as luxury real estate - reductions apply for a first residence

Our rates

Calculated on the negotiated purchase price

Up to  250,000 euros

Fixed price of 2,500 euros  *

>   250,000 euros

1.00%  *

>   500,000 euros

0.75% * 

> 1,000,000 euros

0.65% *  

* Basic price - Add 22% VAT
A supplement of Fees generally apply on properties sold by individuals given the higher workload.

Post acquisition Concierge services

Woman with cutout paper family, house and car at table, closeup. Life insurance

Contact details for insurance companies (multi-risk home, vehicles, etc.)

Utiliser un téléphone portable

Internet provider contact details


Cable / Satellite TV provider contact details

Terrain de stationnement

Valet service from and to Olbia airport

Plombier au travail

Electricians, plumber,


Transport de fournitures de nettoyage

Contact details for rental management services

Indicative rate of 40 euros VAT included per hour worked (excluding any travel costs) with a minimum of 20 euros per intervention.
Main areas : San Teodoro - Budoni and Santa Teresa di Gallura
* VAT included


Ancre Services PostAcquisition
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